The Four Promises of Lego, YCN.

YCN Student awards submission for Lego brief 2013.
Voice over by M Lewis Sauerwein, contact:
Music by Randy Newman, (Disney Monsters Inc).

All other images and video made by myself.
The idea was focused on 'The Four Promises of Lego' Highlighting to parents that Lego has these four promises that they will keep, and other companies wouldn't have any promises. Making Lego the number one choice for building bricks. 

'Anthemz' Channel branding Idents

Music channel branding, 'Anthemz' 2012.
Joint branding and video work with Jourdanne Thompson-Francis. 
Produced was 2 break bumpers, lower thirds, coming up and up next on screen graphics and printed branded stationary and materials. 

Google Infographic - Is Google God?

Simple 'Is Google God?' infographic 2012.
Experimenting with something a little different in the idea that Google is God because it is all around us everyday. 

Kinetic Typography

My first animated quotation typography piece made in 2011 during my first year at university.
Quote from the first Twilight film.